Hello to relatives, friends and researchers of Sanders, Jordan, Deason and all in between. Grandpa Jordan (Asberry Benjamin Jordan) was married three times and had 20 children, so there are a lot of us out there.
I try to work on this in between work (and sometimes at work).
There will be photos posted of family relatives, including Grandpa Jordan, and their graves. I have taken few pictures at several different cemeteries. I'm only able to get home to Ellisville about once a month, and usually am there from just Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. Hopefully, I'll take a few pictures every time.
I'm going to be making contact with some relatives of those who have compiled genealogy charts, and will make updates in any areas I can.

Location: United States



The church I grew up in, First Methodist Church of Ellisville, MS, had the distinction of having five sets of twins in its membership.
* They were Kay and Ray Sanders, my first cousins.
* Diane and JoAnn Cheeks--we used to live across the highway from them.
* Rudy and Randy Spears.
* Julie and Becky Therrell.
* Becky and Bobbie Allums.
Some are pictured below, including Kay and Ray (the left set) and Becky and Bobbie Allums (the middle set). I'm trying to see if the boys on the front are the Spears' boys.
There are more twins, most hidden, in the background.


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