Hello to relatives, friends and researchers of Sanders, Jordan, Deason and all in between. Grandpa Jordan (Asberry Benjamin Jordan) was married three times and had 20 children, so there are a lot of us out there.
I try to work on this in between work (and sometimes at work).
There will be photos posted of family relatives, including Grandpa Jordan, and their graves. I have taken few pictures at several different cemeteries. I'm only able to get home to Ellisville about once a month, and usually am there from just Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. Hopefully, I'll take a few pictures every time.
I'm going to be making contact with some relatives of those who have compiled genealogy charts, and will make updates in any areas I can.

Sanders-Jordan Genealogy

Location: United States


Pa Sanders' plow. I walked behind it (with him behind me) one time. Wonder how many rows of corn and how many peanuts and watermelons this thing helped produce?

Uncle Charles and daughters.

Uncle Charles, Marcia and Blanche.


Uncle Charles surrounded by his family.

Willie Merle Sanders

Willie Merle Sanders, 87, of Laurel, died Sunday, Jan. 21, 2007, at South Central Regional Medical Center in Laurel.
Funeral services will be held at 11 a.m. Thursday, at First United Methodist Church in Ellisville, with burial in Ellisville Cemetery. The Revs. Jeff Shannon and Ron Barham will officiate.
She was a member of First United Methodist Church in Ellisville. She received a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi. She established the education department at Ellisville State School and was one of the first special education teachers in Mississippi. She finished her career with 10 years on the faculty at Jones County Junior College.
She was preceded in death by her parents, Sylvester and Vivian Idella Shows Odom; a sister, Mary Blanche Odom; and a son-in-law, Mason Sumrall.
She is survived by her husband of 67 years, Charles H. Sanders of Ellisville; three daughters, Sandra Sumrall of Gautier, Kay Redmon of Tyler, Texas, and Mona Raye McCallister of Ellisville; six grandchildren, Blanche Sumrall Purdy, Marcia Sumrall Stringer, Sara Redmond Maynard, Mary Turpin, Donald Redmon and Stephen Redmon; and nine great-grandchildren.
Pallbearers will be members of First United Methodist Church in Ellisville.
Visitation will be held from 9:30-10:30 a.m. Thursday, in the parlor of First United Methodist Church in Ellisville.
Jones Funeral Home in Ellisville is in charge of arrangements.



The church I grew up in, First Methodist Church of Ellisville, MS, had the distinction of having five sets of twins in its membership.
* They were Kay and Ray Sanders, my first cousins.
* Diane and JoAnn Cheeks--we used to live across the highway from them.
* Rudy and Randy Spears.
* Julie and Becky Therrell.
* Becky and Bobbie Allums.
Some are pictured below, including Kay and Ray (the left set) and Becky and Bobbie Allums (the middle set). I'm trying to see if the boys on the front are the Spears' boys.
There are more twins, most hidden, in the background.


The first few photos of markers in Tula Rosa Cemetery on online. Many more to be added. See the link in the navbar down a little more on the left side.



Coming soon--photos of all headstones in Tula Rosa Cemetery.


Tula Rosa Church

tula rosa church
Originally uploaded by sanscript.
Tula Rosa Church, 3 miles south of Ellisville, MS, 90 miles north of Gulfport, survived Hurricane Katrina.


My twin first cousins, Kay (left) and Ray (second from left) Sanders. Photo from Ole Miss archives--Twins at Ellsiville Elementary School, 1957. There were six sets of twins at the Methodist Church in Ellisville in the 1960s. Kay and Ray were one of the six sets. They are the daughters of Charles and Willie Merle Sanders. Posted by Hello


My parents' graves, Ellisville, MS Cemetery. Posted by Hello




Does anyone have a copy of this article?


Tula Rosa Cemetery

This information was taken from photos I took Saturday, April 30, at Tula Rosa Cemetery, south of Ellisville, MS.
Beech, Masie Floyd, 28 Sept 1921, 30 Sept 1922.
"The Joe Beech Baby Girl," no dates.
Beckett, John H., 27 Aug 1881, 20 June 1949.
Collins, Victor Marvin, 24 July 1915, 11 Nov 1915.
Collins, Helen Ruth, 21 April 1921, 27 May 1921.
Collins, Helen Knight, 25 Aug 1884, 6 Feb. 1943.
Collins, Lionel, 25 March 1883, 4 May 1960.
Collins, Mamie Bynum, 17 Nov 1887, 11 Nov 1958. (There is a small, unmarked grave adjacent to this one.)
Collins, Maurice Wyatt Sr., 19 June 1917, 28 Nov 2004, Jones Funeral Home marker.
Downs, Willie A. Jr., 6 July 1930, 15 March 1999.
Downs, Zadie Jordan, 24 July 1900, 29 March 1989.
Dubose, Elizebeth, 30 May 1852, 11 Dec 1938.
Dubose, Zachary, 26 Jan 1849, 23 Nov 1925.
Dykes, Frances Ruth, 27 Sept 1943, 7 May 1997, Jones Funeral Home marker.
Dykes, Patricia Ann, 22 Nov 1963, 24 Nov 1963.
Fairchilds, Nomia, 15 Oct 1916, 16 March 1937.
Hardin, Odis Felton, U. S. Army World War II, 1915, 1983, Military marker.
Hardin, Louise M., no dates, Double stone with Odis F. Hardin.
Hardin, Odis F., 6 Jan 1915, 15 Sept 1983, Double stone with Louise M. Hardin.
Holder, Wm. Eledge Sr., 10 Nov 1909, 25 May 1979, Mason, Double stone with Aline J. Holder.
James, T. M. Sr., 9 June 1857, 22 June 1942.
Jordan, A. B., 26 July 1833, 12 Sept 1921.
Jordan, Asberry B., Serg Co D 56 Ala, Partisans Rangers, Confederate States Army, 1834, 1921, Military marker. Note different birth dates.
Jordan, Butler D., 6 Dec 1892, 10 April 1973.
Jordan, Eula A., 13 Sept 1907, 16 July 1939.
Jordan, Mae Ollie, 27 Feb 1918, 7 April 1980.
Jordan, Martha Ann Dykes, 15 July 1872, 15 Nov 1946.
Jordan, Walter, 16 July 1902, 25 Dec 1974.
Morgan, Cecil, 1909, 1969, Mason, Double stone with Mamie Morgan.
Morgan, Mamie, 1914, 1992, Order of Eastern Star, Double stone with Cecil Morgan.
Murray, Charles Galloway, 27 April 1910, 8 Dec 1983, Double stone with Myrtle Hall Murray.
Murray, Myrtle Hall, 7 April 1912, 25 May 1997, Double stone with Charles Galloway Murray.
Myrick, Chester A., 29 Feb 1912, 17 Dec 1974.
Myrick, Council E., 1892, 1959.
Myrick, Ella P., 3 Feb 1912, 6 July 1995.
Myrick, Mae J., 1894, 1974.
Pulliam, Cindy Kaye, 26 Nov 1966, 11 March 1967.
Simpson, Ann R., 10 Oct 1931, 26 May 1992, Triple stone with Robert E. Simpson Sr. and Robert E. Simpson Jr.
Simpson, Robert E. Jr., 2 March 1952 (no death date), Triple stone with Robert E. Simpson Sr. and Ann R. Simpson.
Simpson, Robert E. Sr., 12 Jan 1933, 19 Oct 1985, Triple stone with Ann R. Simpson and Robert E. Simpson Jr.
Thornsberry, Charles E., U. S. Air Force, World War II, 1917, 1981, Military marker.
Walters, Audie Lee (Avera), 25 April 1917, 10 Jan 1994, Married 17 Aug 1937.
Walters, Daniel V., 2 June 1879, 2 Sept 1966.
Walters, Rev. Dan, 1877, 1966, Memory Chapel Funeral Home marker.
Walters, Forrest, 16 August 1907, 8 Aug 1917.
Walters, Fred M., 6 Nov ????, 8 June ????, Married 17 Aug 1937.
Walters, Lela, 9 April 1883, 5 Jan 1962.
Walters, Odell, Louisiana WT3 U. S. Navy, World War II, 17 Dec 1921, 17 April 1966.
Wright, Euba L., 11 Feb 1895, 21 April 1981.
Wright, John Shelton, 26 July 1948, 20 March 1976.
Wright, Lamar Roscoe, U. S. Navy, World War II, 1920, 1979, Military marker.
Wright, Lamar R., 15 March 1920, 20 June, 1979.
Wright, Stockly, 26 Dec 1898, 22 July 1966.

Sign in front of Amos Deason home. Posted by Hello

The Amos Deason home, Ellisville, MS, undergoing remodeling. The Tallulah Chapter of the DAR secured a $110,000 grant and raised another $60,000 for the work. Posted by Hello

Gravestone of Charlie C. Sanders, who married Terry Charlotte Jordan, daughter of A. B. Jordan. Ellisville, MS cemetery. Posted by Hello

Tula Rosa Congregational Methodist Church, Ellisville, MS. Posted by Hello

Grandpa Jordan's third wife, Martha Ann Dykes Jordan, Tula Rosa Cemetery. Posted by Hello

Military marker, Tula Rosa Cemetery. Posted by Hello

Gravestone of A.B. Jordan, Tula Rosa Cemetery, Ellisville, MS. Posted by Hello


A plaque at the foot of the grave of Elizabeth Moseley Jordan, Jacob Jackson Jordan's wife, Jordan Cemtery, Ellisville. Posted by Hello

A memorial plaque for Jacob Jackson Jackson, Asberry Jordan's brother, in Jordan Cemetery, west of Ellisville. He is buried in an unmarked grave in Weldon, N.C. Posted by Hello

Uncle James, Ellisville, MS cemetery. Posted by Hello

Uncle Donald, Ellisville, MS Cemetery. I was named Robert after him. Posted by Hello

My grandfather, Henry Clay Sanders, Ellisville, MS cemetery. Posted by Hello

My grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Strickland Sanders, Ellisville, MS cemetery. Posted by Hello


Grandpa Jordan's cane hanging on a wall in my house in Ellisville, MS. Posted by Hello


Marker of Mary Johnson Jordan, Grandpa Jordan's second wife. Buried in fenced-in cemetery in pasture close to Wyatt Thornaton's house on Jordan Loop, south of Ellisville, MS. Posted by Hello

Mary Retincey Ann Deason Jordan, Grandpa Jordan's first wife, my great-great-grandmother. Anderson-Minter Cemetery, Ellisville, MS. Buried in row in front of her parents, Amos and Eleanor Deason. Notice different spelling of "Asberry."Posted by Hello

Amos Deaon's wife, Eleanor Baskin Jordan, Anderson-Minter Cemetery, Ellisville, MS. Buried next to her husband. Posted by Hello

Amos Deason headstone, Anderson-Minter Cemetery, Ellisville, MS. Posted by Hello

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