Hello to relatives, friends and researchers of Sanders, Jordan, Deason and all in between. Grandpa Jordan (Asberry Benjamin Jordan) was married three times and had 20 children, so there are a lot of us out there.
I try to work on this in between work (and sometimes at work).
There will be photos posted of family relatives, including Grandpa Jordan, and their graves. I have taken few pictures at several different cemeteries. I'm only able to get home to Ellisville about once a month, and usually am there from just Saturday afternoon to Sunday morning. Hopefully, I'll take a few pictures every time.
I'm going to be making contact with some relatives of those who have compiled genealogy charts, and will make updates in any areas I can.

Location: United States


Mary Retincey Ann Deason Jordan, Grandpa Jordan's first wife, my great-great-grandmother. Anderson-Minter Cemetery, Ellisville, MS. Buried in row in front of her parents, Amos and Eleanor Deason. Notice different spelling of "Asberry."Posted by Hello


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